Where the silk trade boomed

An iconic location: it embodies unique and winning values

A shimmering building

Once the barracks for Napoleon’s Cavalry, a military bakery for the Austrian Government, the Silk Courtyard, a credit institution and then, after the 2nd World War, the home of the Banca Popolare del Commercio e dell’Industria.

The origins of the name

Via della Moscova used to be called Via Santa Teresa, but Napoleon Bonaparte decided to change its name in memory of a battle fought by his Grand Army during the Russian campaign of 1812 during which the Italian troops displayed all their valour in a triumphant victory.

In honour of a battle

An intrinsic business vocation

After arriving in Italy in the 12th century, silk became a business trade in Milan under the influence of Duke Ludovico Maria Sforza, known as ‘il Moro’. The Silk Courtyard is the custodian of this intriguing story, the linchpin of a trade of increasing complexity and speed that has attained unrivalled quality standards.

Incomparable art and craft, vision, innovation, excellence, strategy.

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